Our Renewables Development Charter

Good Energy, as an ethical mission-led company and a responsible developer, is committed to taking the following approach to developing new renewable energy sites through its Development Charter:

  1. To engage fully and openly with those communities closest to any proposed site and, where possible, to consider alternative suggestions for the size, layout and presentation of that site.
  2. To offer a discounted, local electricity tariff to those households closest to any onshore wind farm the Company develops that is over 4MW in capacity. The local tariff will be at least 20% cheaper than Good Energy’s standard tariff. If the site performs well, an additional discount may be offered to reflect that. At other sites we will explore what opportunities there are for local communities to benefit from a discounted electricity tariff.
  3. To ensure that the sites Good Energy develops provide social investment either through community funds, direct investment from Good Energy or a combination of both.
  4. To explore opportunities to deliver community ownership of the sites the Company develops so that the greatest possible number of people are able to benefit from that development.
  5. Around all of the Company’s projects Good Energy will look to develop exciting bio-diversity action plans to create, enhance and improve habitats, restoring ecosystems and allowing wildlife to thrive for years to come.