Renewable Heat

Heating accounts for 47% of the UK’s energy demand and 49% of our emissions. And with 75% of UK households reliant on mains gas for hot water and to keep their homes warm, a renewable alternative is essential.

‘Green gas’ (or biomethane) – despite the hype – is still some years away from being economically viable, so we developed a product to work in conjunction with our gas tariff which would encourage the growth of renewable heat generation in the UK.

Good Energy has supported renewable heat generation through our HotROCs scheme since 2008, and we have supported two projects so far.  We are currently on the lookout for our next renewable heat investment – if you are have a community building you can see if you can apply here.


St Mary's School biomass installation

Over the next seven years the school will save 280 tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere with a biomass boiler installation.

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Portishead Community Lido biomass installation

Portishead Community Trust open air pool is going green thanks to a new biomass boiler, funded by Good Energy customers under our commitment to the independent Green Energy Supply scheme.

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